This genus is by far the most numerous in species of any in the family. Ebony and several other valuable and handsome woods are furnished by this genus, and several species produce edible fruit. The name is from 1 Diospyros 274 Jove's, and 1 Diospyros 275 grain or food, literally heavenly food.

1. D. Virginiana. Persimmon. - A small tree with somewhat coriaceous persistent leaves and small greenish yellow dioecious flowers succeeded by yellow edible roundish fruits about 1 inch in diameter. This is somewhat tender, but on well-drained soils it will withstand our winters, though it rarely ripens its fruit with us. There is a specimen about 30 feet high in the arboretum at Kew. North America.

D. Lotus is the only European species. It has oblong acuminate leaves reddish beneath and purplish flowers.

D. Kaki, the Date Plum, is a Japanese species which produces a bright red edible fruit as large as a small apple.