Dwarf stemless herbs with scaly bulbs, radical ovate or ovate-lanceolate often spotted leaves, and solitary pendulous rather large flowers on a short scape. Perianth composed of 6 free similar erect or reflexed lanceolate segments. Stamens 6. Fruit a 3-celled capsule. About half-a-dozen species are known, natives of north temperate regions in both the Old and New Worlds. The generic name is from the Greek 1 Erythronium 445 red, the colour of the flowers in the European species.

1. E. Dens-canis. Dog's-tooth Violet. - This is the common European species, an old and very beautiful border plant. It grows about 6 inches high and the foliage is blotched with purple-brown and white. Flowers about 2 inches in diameter, purplish-red, rosy, lilac or white, according to the variety. It blooms in March and April, and may be classed amongst the handsomest of early Spring flowers.

2. E. Americanum. Yellow Adder's-tongue. - A very similar plant with pale yellow flowers, produced in early Spring. The segments of the perianth are spreading, not distinctly reflexed as in the common species. A native of North America.