Hairy or glabrous annuals or biennials. Leaves entire or trifid. Involucel of 3 large distinct cordate bracts. Calyx 5-lobed, persistent. Carpels 1-seeded, irregularly clustered. Three species, natives of the Mediterranean region. The name is said to be derived from uaxos, woolly.

1. M. trifida. - A showy plant, about 3 feet high, with rather small somewhat trilobed dentate leaves and rosy purple or white flowers. M. grandiflora of gardens is a variety of this plant, or rather perhaps the selfsame thing.

2. M. malacoides. - A prostrate branching hairy biennial. Leaves petiolate, oblong-ovate, crenate or pinnatifid, cuneate or cordate at the base. Flowers axillary, large, rosy pink tinged with purple; peduncles 1-flowered. A very handsome plant.