Climbing deciduous shrubs with large peltate or cordate palmately lobed leaves and paniculate flowers. Sepals 4 to 8, in two series. Petals 6 to 8, shorter than the sepals. Male flowers with from 12 to 24 stamens, whose anthers are 4-celled. Female flowers with 6 sterile stamens and 2 to 4 woody 1-seeded carpels in the form of a horse's shoe. Seed amphitropal, with fleshy albumen and a small embryo. Two species are described : one from eastern temperate Asia, and the following from North America. The name is from unvn, the moon, and 1 Menispermum 30 a seed, from the crescent-shaped carpels.

1. M, Canadense. Moonseed. - Leaves large, reniform, peltate. Flowers small and inconspicuous. This shrub is valuable only for its large handsome foliage, for covering bowers, etc. M. Carolinianum is a variety with lobed leaves.