Standard orbicular, slightly exceeding the wings, the sides reflexed; wings oblong-obvate; keel petals as long or longer than the wings, scarcely incurved, connate at the back. Pod stalked and many-seeded; seeds minutely strophiolate. One shrubby species, a native of the Himalayas. From 1 Piptanthus 111 to fall, and

1 Piptanthus 112 a flower, in allusion to all parts of the flower dropping together.

1. P. Nepalensis. Evergreen Laburnum. - A handsome evergreen shrub requiring a sheltered situation. Leaves alternate, petiolate, digitately trifoliolate; leaflets lanceolate, acute, slightly hairy; stipules united in one, opposite the leaves. Flowers large, yellow, in terminal bracteate racemes.