The character as above. A genus of nearly 200 species, dispersed nearly all over the world. The hardy species are not numerous, and by no means so showy as many of the tenderer kinds from the Cape of Good Hope. Name from 1 Polygala 70 much, and 1 Polygala 71 milk. This is variously explained.

1. P. vulgaris. Common Milkwort. - An indigenous and very variable species according to soil and situation. Under cultivation the numerous slender prostrate or erect stems usually grow about a foot long. Leaves small, oblong or lanceolate, glabrous. Flowers about 4 to 6 lines long, in terminal racemes, blue, lilac, purple, pink, or white.

2. P. Chamaebuxus. - A larger handsomer shrubby plant. Leaves small, ovate, coriaceous, persistent. Flowers fragrant, yellow and cream. A native of Switzerland and Austria. May to July.