Herbaceous plants with creeping rootstocks, broad conspicuously-nerved leaves, and branched panicles of numerous polygamous flowers. Perianth of six spreading lobes united at the base into a short tube. Name from vere, truly, and atrum, black, the colour of the roots.

1. V. album. White Hellebore. - A tall branching plant with ovate or elliptical-ribbed and plaited leaves. Flowers small but numerous, greenish white. An effective plant, native of Central and Southern Europe, flowering in August.

2. V. nigrum. Black Hellebore. - A larger and finer plant than the preceding, with purplish flowers. A native of the same region.

Helonias bullata, syn. H. latifolia, is a showy bog plant from North America with oblong-spathulate radical leaves from a tuberous rootstock, and small scapose purplish flowers.