This genus includes 230 of the 250 species in this order, but very few are in cultivation for decorative purposes. The Grape Vine, V. vinifera, is both ornamental and useful, and will bear very good fruit in the South of England when it receives proper care and attention. The Virginian Creeper, with some allied species, was formerly separated as a distinct genus on account of the disk being confluent with the ovary or obsolete, but this character has broken down with the discovery of many new species.

1. V. quinquefolia, syn. Ampelopsis hederacea. Virginian Creeper. - This fast-growing climber is a general favourite, its 5-foliolate leaves being particularly handsome towards Autumn, when they change to a bright red colour. North America.

2. V. Veitchii, syn. V. Japonica, Ampelopsis tricuspidata. - A Japanese species with trifoliolate leaves, which assume the same ruddy tint in Autumn. This is probably less hardy than the foregoing.

V. Labrusca, cordifolia, vulpina, etc., are hardy North American species which have improved under cultivation, and produce edible fruit, and may likewise be planted for ornament.