Evergreen trees with imbricated scale-like leaves. Flowers monoecious. Fruit small, consisting of 9 scales in three whorls, the upper and lower of which are barren, and the intermediate one has 2 or 3 winged seeds at the base of each scale. This genus was dedicated to Captain FitzRoy, who was the first to discover the following species.

1. F. Patagonica. - A large tree 100 feet high, or smaller, according to the elevation at which it grows. Branches slender, spreading, and incurved at the extremities. Leaves small, ovate-oblong, flat, obtuse, sessile, in 2, 3 or 4 rows. The only species hitherto described, native of the mountains of Patagonia, and not sufficiently hardy to withstand our coldest Winters.