A small genus of herbaceous or shrubby perennials, distinguished by the filaments of its four longer stamens being winged and furnished with a tooth, equal petals, and boat-shaped or spoon-like pods with usually numerous seeds. From the borders of the Mediterranean and Persia. Name from 15 Aethionema 64 bright or flaming, and vnua, a thread, in allusion to the fila ments of some species.

1. AE. coridifolium. - A dwarf hardy plant, shrubby below, with erect stems 6 to 8 inches high. Leaves linear, glaucous. Flowers small, rosy lilac, in terminal dense rounded racemes. A very pretty plant, native of Palestine, flowering in June and July.

2. AE. jucunda. - Similar to the above, and from the same country, and probably only a variety of it. It is of smaller stature, and the flowers have more of a carmine tinge in them.