Trailing or climbing herbs. Leaves imparipinnate; leaflets small, numerous, oblong. Flowers very large, brilliantly coloured, in short pendulous axillary racemes. Petals acuminate; standard reflexed. Stamens diadelphous. Only two species are described, but these have produced several varieties. The name is a compound of 17 Clianthus 126 glory, and avOos, a flower, from whence we have Glory Pea.

1. C. puniceus. Parrot Flower. - A branching shrubby plant clothed with appressed silky hairs. Flowers scarlet; keel large, boat-shaped, with a long beak. This is the hardier species of the two, and will flower freely in the South with the protection of a wall and a slight covering in Winter. It varies in the colour and size of the flowers. This species is from New Zealand.

2. C. Dampieri. - An extremely handsome species from Australia, more properly a greenhouse plant. Whole plant densely villous. Flowers 4 or 5 inches across when expanded, red with a black or dark purple blotch at the base of the standard. There are several varieties in cultivation, of which marginatus is perhaps the finest. In this the ground is white bordered with red and the spot black.