Evergreen trees with rigid linear-falcate acute quadrangular scattered leaves. Flowers monoecious. Male catkins solitary in the axils of the upper leaves. Cones less than an inch in diameter, terminal and solitary, sometimes growing out at the points. Scales loose, cuneate, prickly, with from 3 to 6 winged seeds. The name is compounded of 19 Cryptomeria 405 concealed, and

19 Cryptomeria 406 a part, from the nature of the inflorescence. The only known species is a native of Japan, but some of the forms have been described as distinct species. .

1. C. Japonica. Japanese Cedar. - A handsome rapid-growing tree from 50 to 100 feet high. Branches brittle and readily separating from the trunk. Leaves rigid, incurved, crowded, spirally arranged, from 6 to 9 lines long. This forms a beautiful object in well-drained soils and sheltered situations, but is too tender for rich moist soils, and exposed to strong winds it soon becomes stripped of its branches. There are several varieties distinguished as: variegata, described as one of the most desirable of variegated Conifers; nana, a very dwarf form; viridis or Lobbii, with foliage of a brighter green; and elegans, of a more slender graceful habit.