Glabrous annual or perennial herbs, shrubby at the base. Leaves alternate or fasciculate, fleshy. Flowers in racemes or umbels, rarely solitary. Sepals 2, free. Petals 5, rarely fewer or many, hypogynous as are the numerous stamens. Capsule 3-valved. About sixty species are reported, natives of America and Australia. Named in honour of a German botanist. The three species noticed here are all from Chili, and perennial, though usually treated as tender annuals. They are very showy little plants, but open their flowers only when the sun shines upon them.

1. G. discolor. - About a foot high with large flowers in racemes. The. petals are broad, rosy purple, contrasting well with the numerous orange-coloured stamens.

2. G. grandiflora. - Similar to the last, but, contrary to the signification of the name, with smaller flowers of a darker purple.

3. C, umbellata. - A dwarfer species, smaller in all its parts, with the crimson or purple flowers collected in the form of an umbel.