Dwarf annuals with narrow alternate leaves and dense terminal heads of small red or buff flowers. Calyx deeply 5-lobed, campanulate. Corolla salver-shaped, with a long slender tube. Cells of the capsule 1- or 2-seeded. A small genus whose species are confined to the western side of North and South America. The name is from the Greek 2 Collomia 291 glue, in reference to the glutinous coating of the seeds. When the seeds are put into water this mucous coating expands and forms a cloud around them.

1.C. coccinea, syn. C. - Cavanillesii. - This plant grows about a foot high, and is the best for ornamental purposes. The leaves are sessile and lanceolate, or oblong, and as well as the stems clothed with a somewhat clammy pubescence. The flowers vary from brick-red to buff. A native of Chili.

C. grandiflora, a Californian species, has rather larger flowers, about 10 lines long, of a buff or pink colour.