North American annuals of procumbent or erect habit. Leaves pinnatifid; radical stalked, cauline sessile. Flowers in terminal circinate racemes or spikes. This genus is mainly distinguished by its fringed corolla, whence the name, from koous, beautiful, and avoos, a flower.

1. C. ftmbriatus. - A somewhat succulent trailing plant with angular spreading branches and pinnatifid leaves, the upper ones stem-clasping. Flowers violet tinged with white, or wholly white.

2. C. grandiflorus, syn. Eutoca speciosa. - A tall branching tufted species from 3 to 5 feet high. Leaves broadly rhomboid. Flowers large, violet. C. viscidus, syn. E. viscida, is a native of California, growing about a foot high, with weak branching clammy stems and oval or oblong petiolate crenately lobed leaves. Flowers deep blue with a spotted pink eye, borne in small circinate racemes.

The species of Eutoca proper have entire petals and numerous smaller seeds, or at least more numerous ovules. E. Menziesii, syn. E. multiflora and E. Wrangeliana, are less showy annuals having purple, blue or pink flowers. E. Ortgiesiana is a recently introduced perennial species of trailing habit with purple and white flowers.