Spinescent or unarmed small trees or shrubs with large palmately-lobed leaves. Flowers in umbellate racemes or panicles. Petals valvate. Fruit compressed laterally. .Only three species are included here, two of which are occasionally grown.

1. F. Japonica, syn. Aralia Sieboldii, A. papyri/era. Rice Paper Tree. - A very handsome and,distinct small but rather tender tree with large palmate deciduous leaves densely covered with a stellate pubescence. A native of Formosa.

2. F. horrida, syn. Panax horridum. - A very spiny thick-stemmed shrub with palmately-lobed cordate petiolate prickly leaves and terminal inflorescence. A native of North America.

Eleutherococcus senticosus is a recently introduced prickly shrub from North-eastern Asia. It has palmately divided deciduous leaves on very long petioles, and small dioecious umbellate flowers; male lilac and female yellow. It is reported to be quite hardy.