Twining shrubs with opposite glabrous leaves and axillary cymose flowers. Corolla rotate, having 5 awned scales in the throat; lobes spreading. Filaments not combined. Pollen-masses granular, applied separately to the stigma. A small genus, occurring in the South of Europe and tropical Asia and Africa. The name is derived from 2 Periploca 285 a coiling round, in reference to the habit of some species.

1. P. Grceca. - A deciduous twiner with rather small ovate-lanceolate leaves and purple-brown axillary clusters of flowers, appearing in Summer. A very curious and interesting plant, growing from 15 to 20 feet high. Native of Southern Europe.

Physianthus albicans is a showy white-flowered tender climber from South America, occasionally seen in sheltered localities.