Small trees or shrubs abounding in resinous secretions, with pinnate leaves, with or without a terminal leaflet, or sometimes trifoliolate, and small apetalous dioecious flowers in axillary clusters. Fruit a dry 1-seeded drupe. There are about six species, from the Mediterranean region and Mexico. The name is an altered form of the Arabic appellation. The Mastich and Turpentine trees require protection in this country, but as they possess no ornamental features, they are rarely seen in any except botanic gardens. Several species furnish galls, employed in dyeing.

P. Lentiscus. Mastich. A small tree with paripinnate evergreen leaves and a winged petiole. A native of the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. - P. vera. Pistachio Nut. A deciduous-leaved species. Leaves composed of 2, 3, or 5 ovate leaflets. This is extensively cultivated in the South of Europe for its edible nuts. - P. Terebinthus. Turpentine Tree. Leaves imparipinnate; leaflets about 5, lanceolate. Also from the Mediterranean region.