A small genus of North American deciduous dioecious shrubs. Male flowers clustered, with a quadripartite perianth valvate in bud. and 8 stamens alternating with an equal number of appendages of the fleshy disk. Female flowers solitary, with an urceolate 4-lobed perianth, the month closed with the teeth of the disk. Fruit enclosed in the fleshy perianth. Named in honour of J. Shepherd, formerly curator of the Liverpool Botanic Garden.

1. S. Canadensis. - A straggling branched shrub from 3 to 6 feet high, clothed with rusty scales. Leaves elliptical or ovate, green above. Flowers yellowish, succeeded by small orange-red berries.

2. S. aryentea. Buffalo-Berry. - This species has narrow lanceolate leaves silvery on both sides, and edible scarlet fruits.