Evergreen shrubs or trees with linear-lanceolate or oblong scuttered or distichous leaves. Flowers sub-dioecious. Female flowers solitary, axillary. Fruit drupoid, on a thick fleshy peduncle, which suggested the generic name, from 23 Podocarpus 408 a foot, and 23 Podocarpus 409 a fruit. This genus is numerous in species, but they are chiefly from warm or tropical countries, from Japan southwards to Australasia, and in South America. A few are sufficiently hardy to bear our climate.

1. P. Japonica, syn. P. Chinensis, P. coriacea of gardens (not of Richard), and Taxus Japonica. - An erect slow-growing shrub, closely resembling the Irish Yew both in habit and foliage, but the branches are stouter and the leaves from 2 to 3 inches long and 2 to 3 lines broad, and silvery beneath. A handsome hardy shrub, native of Japan.

P. Andina, syn. Prumnopitys elegans, is a Chilian species with lanceolate coriaceous glossy dark green foliage, silvery beneath. P. nubigaena, from the same country, with linear-lanceolate leaves; and P. Korouina is a very ornamental Japanese species of recent introduction.