This genus with the foliage of the Yews has the dioecious flowers in clusters, and the fruits large and plum-like, and two or three together. The name is a compound of 24 Cephalotaxus 410 a head, and 24 Cephalotaxus 411 arrangement, from the disposition of the flowers. About five or six species are known, natives of China and Japan.

1. C. Fortunei, syn. C. Fortunei mas, C. Fortunei pendula, and C. filiformis. - A tree from 40 to 50 feet high with distichous linear straight flat acute leaves about 3 inches long, dark shining green above and glaucous beneath. Fruit oval or oblong, one-seeded, with a thin purplish flesh. A very distinct and ornamental tree with spreading branches in regular whorls. It is a native of Northern China, and somewhat tender in this country.

2. C. drupacea, syn. C. Fortunei faemina. - A small tree from 20 to 30 feet high. Leaves crowded, in two ranks, rigid, linear, curved, from 1 to 1 1/2 inch long, yellowish glossy green above, glaucous beneath. Fruit purple, oval-oblong, about 1 inch in length. From China and Japan, rather hardier than the preceding, and. said to succeed best in a moist shady situation.

G. pedunculated, syn. C. Harringtonii, is a Japanese species with long dark green leaves and large drupaceous fruits on long peduncles; and G. umbraculifera is another Japanese species, with shorter leaves and still larger fruits.