Small evergreen shrubs with solitary spherical rayless flower-heads on long peduncles. Achenes terete, destitute of pappus. Corolla-tube with a hood-like appendage on the base. The species are all natives of the Mediterranean region. The name is combinative of sanctus, holy, and linum, flax, in allusion to the reputed medicinal properties of some species.

1. S. Chamce-cyparissus. Cotton Lavender. - A dwarf densely-branched shrub clothed with a close hoary pubescence. Leaves alternate, dense, linear, with 4 or 6 rows of short obtuse teeth projecting in all directions. Flower-heads yellow, on peduncles from 6 to 12 inches long. There are several varieties under different names, as incana, squarrosa, etc.

S. alpina is a prostrate species with deepty-cut leaves and erect flower-stalks.

Lasthenia glabrata is a showy hardy annual from California. Leaves linear, opposite. Flowers yellow.