Elegant little annuals with everlasting flower-heads. In-volucral scales scarious, outer ones sessile, inner clawed, coloured and petaloid. Receptacle naked; florets all tubular and similar. Achenes villous, not beaked; pappus feathery, in a single row. The two or three species here included are Australian. Name from 28 Rhodanthe Acroclinium 243 a rose, and 28 Rhodanthe Acroclinium 244 a flower, in allusion to the colour of the flower-heads.

It is worthy of remark that here, as in most other 'Everlasting Flowers' belonging to this order, the coloured conspicuous and lasting part is the involucre.

1. R. Manglesii. - From a foot to 18 inches high, with smooth glaucous oblong entire perfoliate leaves and a branching inflorescence. Outer bracts silvery. Flower-heads pedunculate, delicate rose-pink with a yellow centre. The variety maculata has a dark band around the disk; and alba has all the bracts of a silvery white. R. atrosanguinea has purple florets and is otherwise very distinct.

2. R. rosea, syn. Acroclinium roseum. - This species is perhaps even handsomer than the preceding. It is a more erect plant, from 1 to 2 feet high, having linear acute leaves and larger solitary terminal flower-heads. Outer bracts brown, inner pink or white; florets yellow.