A handsome group of North American bulbous plants rarely met with under cultivation. Bulbs tunicated, producing rigid ensiform leaves and an erect scape with showy flowers. Perianth deciduous, the three outer segments sepaloid, linear, and the three inner petaloid, much larger and broader, and bearded on the inside. From 3 Calochortus 447 beautiful, and 3 Calochortus 448 grass,

1. C. Leichtlinii. - A recent introduction from California. It i s a dwarf plant with narrow glaucous incurved leaves and slender scapes 4 to 7 inches high, bearing large white flowers 2 1/2 inches across, with a purple blotch on each of the inner segments.

C. venustus, lilac, C. elegans, white, and C. nitidus, purple, from the same region, are all splendid plants.