Moderately large trees or shrubs with strongly-nerved leaves, fascicled or racemose greenish polygamous or hermaphrodite flowers succeeded by small 1-seeded drupaceous fruits. The few species described are widely scattered, ranging from the Mediterranean region through Central Asia to China. Celtis is a classical name for the Lotus.

1. G. australis. Nettle Tree or Tree Lotus. - A handsome tree from 30 to 40 feet high with a straight trunk and long slender tough pliant brandies. Leaves oblong-lanceolate, acuminate, deeply serrate, hispid above, softly pubescent beneath, unequal at the base. Fruit black, very sweet and edible. A native of the Mediterranean region.

C. occidentalis, Sugar-berry or Hack-berry, is a very variable North American species, and includes the forms called G. crassifolia, G. pumila, and C. Audibertiana. The ordinary form has reticulated cordate-ovate or lanceolate sharply serrate leaves and slender-stalked flowers. The variety crassifolia is remarkable for its fleshy foliage.