Evergreen shrubs with alternate simple petiolate glabrous lanceolate entire leaves with transparent dots and terminal panicles of small white flowers succeeded by scarlet berries. Flowers polygamous, similar in structure to those of Ptelea. Drupe ovoid or spherical, of 2 to 4 1-seeded pyrenes. About four species, from the Himalayas and Japan. The name is from Skimmi, the Japanese appellation.

1. S. Japonica. The species first introduced. A bush about 4 to 6 feet high, with terminal panicles of whitish flowers succeeded by scarlet berries.

2. 8. oblata, syn. S. Veitchii. - Very near the preceding, with rather larger leaves and more rounded brighter coloured berries. Both are natives of Japan, and will only flourish in favourable situations.

S. fragrans is a form having larger panicles of sweet-scented flowers.