Though the only species in cultivation is widely different in aspect and habit from its allies, the structure of the minute flower-heads will be found to agree. Involucre of small imbricated scales. Receptacle bracteolate, containing three or four florets. Pappus none. An Australian genus of few species, named in honour of Lady Hume.

1. H. elegans. - A biennial attaining a height of 5 or 6 feet. Leaves large, oblong or lanceolate, clasping or decurrent at the base. Flower-heads minute, brownish-red, pink or crimson, in a large loosely branched terminal drooping panicle. When well grown this forms an elegant and graceful centre for small beds or for planting in mixed borders.

This group would be hardly complete without a notice of the perennial Everlastings belonging to the dioecious genus Antennaria. These plants are inferior in beauty, but the fact of their being perfectly hardy will recommend them. They are densely woolly plants. A. dioica is a British species growing about 4 inches high, and bearing small corymbs of red flower-heads. A. Margaritacea rises to a height of 2 or 3 feet, terminated by compact clusters of white flower-heads.

Emilia sagittata, syn. Cacalla coccinea. - A glabrous glaucous erect annual about 18 inches high. Leaves ovate, coarsely toothed, cordate or sagittate at the base. Flower-heads rayless, scarlet or orange, in terminal corymbs. Involu-cral bracts in one row, erect. Achenes pentagonal, hairy on the angles; pappus filiform, in many series.

Cineraria maritima is a perennial from the Mediterranean shores with handsome silvery tomentose finely-cut foliage and yellow flower-heads. There is a variety with broader leaves known as acanthifolia.

Ligularia Kaempferi, syn. Farfugium grdnde. - This is also remarkable in its foliage. It is a stemless herb with large orbicular-cordate dark green glabrous shining leaves irregularly blotched with yellow, and elevated on long petioles. A native of China.

Arnica montana. Mountain Tobacco. - A tufted perennial. Leaves radical, except a few small ones on the flower-stem, oblong-lanceolate, entire. Flower-stem about a foot high; flowers yellow, three or four together, about 2 inches in diameter; ray-florets numerous. There are several allied plants of similar habit referred to the genus Aronlcum, but the scapes bear only one flower-head each.