South African plants bearing conspicuous orange-rayed lower-heads. Involucral bracts numerous, imbricated, scarious on the margin. Receptacled, pitted, studded with bristles be-ween the florets. Achenes grooved, crowned with a pappus of nembranous scales. Name from apktos, a bear, and ovs, an ear, probably in allusion to the woolly leaves.

1. A. speciosa, syn. A. breviscapa. - A prostrate tufted tomentose annual. Leaves entire or pinnatifid. Flower-heads large, terminal, disk brown, ray orange, closed in dull weather. A. acaulis and undulata are referred hither as varieties, differing only in the shades of yellow in the ray-florets.

Venidium calendulaceum is an allied Cape annual, growing in dense dwarf tufts. Leaves large, obovate, lyrate, pubescent. Flower-heads terminal, similar to those of the Marigold. It differs from the last genus in the absence of, or, if present, minute pappus.