A North American genus of handsome perennials resembling the Cynareae in habit. Involucral bracts small, numerous, imbricated, in many series. Receptacle naked. Pappus feathery. The name is unexplained.

1. L. scarldsa. - About 2 feet high. Leaves very long and narrow. Involucral bracts purple-margined; flower-heads 2 inches in diameter, purple, in an elongated corymb. September.

2. L. spicata. - This grows from 1 to 2 feet high. Stems leafy. Leaves lanceolate, ciliate. Flower-heads sessile, in a long spike, purple. One of the most desirable species, flowering in July, and onwards for a considerable period.

L. odoratissima and elegans are both purple-flowered, the former sweet-scented.