A genus of one South European species, a familiar shrub in gardens. It is technically distinguished by its coloured bilabiate calyx and corolla with two exserted stamens having a reversed tooth on each filament. The name is a compound of ros, dew, and marinus, sea.

1. R. officinalis. Rosemary. - A dense branching shrub with linear sessile leaves, the edges recurved. Flowers pale blue or white. There are several varieties distinguished by name: as R. off. latifolius, R. off. fdliis aureis, and R. off. foliis argenteis.

The genus Thymus offers little in the ornamental vay, but most of the species are agreeably fragrant, and will thrive in dry rocky places; some of the variegated varieties, as T. citri-oddrus variegatus, of nurserymen, are very neat.