Herbs of Thistle-like aspect remarkable for having the capi-tules 1-flowered in terminal clusters, resembling the flower-heads of many other genera. Florets white or blue, with an involucre of prickly scales and bristles. The cluster of heads or capitules is surrounded by an involucre of linear scales, thus completing the appearance of a single head. The species are chiefly from the Mediterranean region. The name is from 40 Echinops 255 a hedgehog, and 40 Echinops 256 resemblance. They are commonly known as Globe Thistles.

1. E. Ruthenicus (fig. 148). - Perennial rising to a height of 2 or 3 feet. Florets blue. A native of Germany, flowering-all the Summer.

Fig. 148. Eohinops Ruthenious. (1/4 nat. size.)

Fig. 148. Eohinops Ruthenious. (1/4 nat. size.)

2. E. Ritro. - Very near the foregoing, with pinnatifid not spinescent leaves, downy beneath, and webbed above. South of Europe.

3. E. cornigerus. - This has very spiny silvery foliage and large white flower-heads. Central Asia.

4. E. sphceivcephalus. - A taller plant attaining a height of 5 or 6 feet. Leaves large, pinnatifid, clothed with a cottony down beneath. Flower-heads very numerous, blue. South of Europe.