Although many of the species belonging to this class will flourish under the same treatment recommended for herbaceous plants in general, a great majority of them need rather more attention, and will not give satisfactory results unless their special requirements are studied. Amongst the least exacting are the Snowdrop, Spring Crocuses, White and Orange Lilies, Day Lily, Winter Aconite, Snowflake, Ornithogalum umbel-latum, Muscari botryoides, Gladiolus communis, and the common Narcissuses and Jonquils; but even these prefer a free, tolerably rich soil.

The various modes of treatment adopted for plants with fleshy roots or rootstocks depend upon their hardiness, and the nature of their rootstocks. We will take the principal groups in succession, and give a few simple directions respecting the planting, storing, etc., of the different kinds.