Plants very much resembling the Irises, but with all the divisions of the perianth equally spreading. Perianth-tube short, the three inner segments of its limb smaller, convolute after flowering. Stamens distinct. Style slender, with three petaloid bifid stigmas. Leaves few and narrow. Flowers of various colours, rising from spathaceous sheaths. Chiefly from South of Africa. Named in honour of R. Moore, an English botanist. The species are numerous and very showy. We may mention: M. blcolor, yellow, the outer petals with a dark purple spot encircled with orange, much larger than the inner; M. iridioides, white, with yellow or brown spots; M. edulis, very much like an Iris, with violet flowers, outer lobes of the perianth with a yellow spot at the base. M. Sisyrinchium,, syn. M. Tenoriana and Iris Sisyrinchium, is a South European species, with purple or blue flowers.