This genus is sometimes united with the Maples; it differs only in the absence of a disk in the dioecious flowers, and in having pinnate leaves. There are only two or three species known, natives of Japan and North America. The etymology of the word is obscure.

1. N. fraxinifolium, syn. N. aceroides, Acer Negundo. Box Elder or Ash-leaved Maple. - A small tree with opposite pinnately 3- or, 5-foliolate deciduous leaves; leaflets petiolulate,*' lanceolate, variously lobed or toothed. This is best known by the variety foliis variegatis, which is one of the handsomest variegated shrubs of the deciduous class in cultivation, having the leaves beautifully striped with white and green, and possessing the merit of being a vigorous grower. There are some other variations of this species, but none so good as the above. Native of North America.