Hairy or glabrous herbs with angular or lobed leaves and axillary flowers. Involucel of 3 distinct free bracts. Carpels not beaked, whorled, separating from a short conical axis, indehiscent. There are about sixteen species, from Europe, temperate Asia, and northern Africa, some of them widely. spread weeds of cultivation. Named from 6 Malva 89 to soften, referring to the emollient nature of its species. M. sylvestris is a common native erect species with numerous axillary lilac-purple flowers; and M. rotundifolia is of decumbent habit.

1. M. mosehata. - A pretty indigenous perennial species with erect hairy stems 2 to 3 feet high, and deeply divided leaves with pinnatifid lobes. Flowers about 2 inches in diameter, rosy pink, rarely white, borne in clusters at the tops of the stems.

2. M, Mauritiana. - An erect annual with palmately lobed leaves and large white flowers striped with rose or violet. A native of North Africa.

3. M. lateritia, syn. Malvastrum. - A prostrate hirsute perennial with 3- to 5-lobed leaves and handsome brick-red flowers on long peduncles. A native of South America, blooming in Autumn.

4. M. crispa. - An annual plant with white flowers, more remarkable for its large rounded curled leaves than for its blossom. Native of Syria.