Decumbent densely hairy annual or perennial herbs with small white flowers and bifid petals. Forty species, natives of the temperate and cold parts of the whole world. Name from kepas a horn, from the horn-like capsule.

1. G. tomentosum. - This is the species in general use for edging. Its small leaves are densely clothed with a greyish or nearly white tomentum. South of Europe.

2. G. Biebersteini. - A similar but larger plant with less silvery leaves. A native of the Crimea.

C. triviale, C. glomeratum, and Stellaria media, Chickweed, a closely allied plant, are exceedingly common garden and corn-field weeds. Stellaria Holostea is a common hedgerow perennial of weak straggling habit, with large pure white flowers having deeply lobed petals.