As here limited, this genus consists of only one species. It differs from Genista in having a spathaceous calyx, with the two upper short teeth free, and the three lower united into a lip, the keel incurved, and the pod narrower. The name is from 8 Spartium 120 the Greek appellation of this or a similar plant, and the cord made from it.

1. 8. Junceum, syn. Genista Hispanica, Spartianthus junceus. Spanish Broom. - This shrub is a very old inhabitant of English gardens. It very much resembles the Common Broom, but the slender twiggy branches are terete and not angular, and usually leafless. The few leaves produced are 1-foliolate, small, and linear-lanceolate. Flowers large, yellow, fragrant, in terminal racemes, appearing in July or August. A handsome double variety is in cultivation. This plant is found in the countries bordering the Mediterranean and in the Canary Islands.