Climbing herbaceous plants, like the last, supporting themselves by their twisted petioles. Leaves cordate or hastate. Corolla slightly irregular, tubular-campanulate; limb somewhat unequally 5-lobed. Capsule opening in several valves. The genus was named after Professor Maurandy of Cartha-gena.

1. M. Barclayana. - An elegant climber with slender stems and petiolate cordate or hastate glabrous leaves. Flowers solitary, axillary, pedunculate, with a glandular calyx. Corolla deep violet, rosy purple, or white. M. semperfiorens is a variety with cordate-hastate leaves and somewhat smaller purplish-violet flowers. A native of Mexico.

M. antirrhiniflora, also from Mexico, has variable leaves and still smaller bright purple, rose, or white flowers.

Rhodochiton volubilis is a closely allied plant from the same country with dark purple pendent flowers easily distinguished by the large coloured persistent 5-toothed calyx. The name, referring to this character, is derived from 9 Maurandya 329 red, and xitwv a tunic.