Bushes from 3 to 6 feet high, branches densely armed with prickles; leaves deciduous, fruits downy when young, but becoming glabrous towards maturity. This group contains only two species, R. ferox and R. Kamtckatica. The former, a native of the Caucasus, has tomentose branches so densely bristling with sharp thorns that it has acquired the name of Hedgehog Rose. The leaves consist of 5 to 9 dentate leaflets, glabrous above; the flowers are large and solitary, of a beautiful rosy purple, appearing early, but only slightly scented. No double variety of this species has hitherto been reported.

The Kamtschatka Rose, R. Kamtschdtica, is confined to the eastern extremity of Asia, and differs but slightly from the preceding, being almost equally spiny, but with the peculiarity that the spines are deciduous. The solitary flowers are of a deep red colour. No double variety is known of this species. These two species are well adapted for planting in masses in shrubberies, and also for hedges.