A small order comprising only two genera, each of which is limited to a single species. In technical characters these plants are scarcely different from the Moraeeae, the main distinction lying in the fruit and seed. Cannabis sativa, Hemp plant, is an erect dioecious annual 6 to 10 feet high with elegant digitate leaves, racemose male flowers having a 5-lobed perianth and 5 stamens, and spicate female flowers with_ a membranous spathaceous perianth open on one side. The native country is not known with certainty, probably Western Asia. Humulus Lupulus, the Hop, is a rather common twining plant in the South of England, though doubtless better known in its cultivated forms. It is easily recognised by its scabrid twining stems, palmately lobed leaves, and female flowers in bracteate spikes or catkins. The latter constitute the Hops of commerce.