At the Royal Horticultural Show in June last, the Messrs. Veitch exhibited Croton Wisemannii as the best new ornamental foliaged plant. The leaves are beautifully mottled and marbled with green and yellow, and a rich yellow band along the center of the leaf.

The same firm likewise sent Alocasia Chelsoni, with magnificent bronzed leaves, especially when young, and being then remarkable for their splendid metallic luster. For the best new garden seedling in flower, Messrs. Veitch took another first prize with a hybrid Cattleya, raised between C. Chelsoni and C. Acklandiee, in which the colors are purple, white, and brownish green spotted with purple. Mr. Bull was second in the same class with Ivy-leaved Pelargonium Princess Thyra, with for its class large pale rose flowers, lined in the upper petals with crimson. - Cottage Gardener,

Ornamental Foliaged Plants #1

Sow at once a few seeds of Castor oil plant, and the desirable varieties of Amaranthus; Salicifolius is not satisfactory in all cases, but grand when it does well; it should certainly be tried. Huttoni was not at all satisfactory with us as a pot plant, not being showy enough, but it might be useful as a border plant, the color being better than many dark shades among Coleus and Perilla. The above mentioned seeds should be sown in heat, potted and hardened in a cool house before planting outside, at the end of May.