The culture of the Antirrhinum presents no real difficulties. It is by nature a perennial, but the best results are obtained by treating it as a biennial, or even as an annual. If only a comparatively few plants are required, they can be bought from a florist or nurseryman at planting time, in April or May, but as it adds a tenfold charm to one's plants to raise them from seed, I give instructions for doing so. First - treating the plant as an Annual, seed must be sown in January or early February in a heated greenhouse, and there is no better plan than sowing in a box, three or four inches deep, filled with a free compost. The seeds being very small must not be covered deeply - a sifting of fine soil one-sixteenth of an inch deep over them is enough. The boxes should be well-watered before the seeds are sown and a sheet of glass placed over them after sowing, and shaded till germination takes place. When the plants are large enough to handle, they should be transplanted into other boxes filled as before, grown on in same temperature for a week or two and then gradually hardened. About the first week of April transplant into cold frames into which has been worked some thoroughly old dung, leaf mould or spent hops. There the plants will form dense tufts of roots. Lift carefully and plant out where they are to bloom in May. Such plants will begin flowering in July and will often continue until November.