Select from summer sowing nice plants, and pot them in September into small pots; grow on in a cold greenhouse; move into larger pots in January, and shift again in March into five or six inch pots, in which they will flower beautifully in April and May. Under glass, the spikes will be found to elongate more than they do out of doors, but the beauty is enhanced by the colours being so pure and clean.

It is hardly necessary to enlarge on the culture in the garden, because those who have seen snapdragons growing and flowering gaily on the top of old walls and in other out of the way places know how accommodating they are. In beds of all sizes and shapes they may be grown, in lines in borders, where they are most effective if the colours are nicely blended; in clumps of half-a-dozen plants of the same variety in mixed borders they are happy. A free, well-drained soil suits them best, if slightly calcareous so much the better and it should be firm. What Antirrhinums do not like is fresh manure, and where they are not happy is in a wet or boggy soil. They want the sunlight and they want their "feet" dry after they are established.