When I was endeavouring to make up my mind whether I should accede to Messrs."Clarke's request and write this little book, I asked the advice of several horticultural friends, among others that of Mr. S. T. Wright, the able and popular superintendent of the Royal Horticultural Society's Gardens at Wisley. Mr. Wright advised me to undertake the task because he believed I should produce a book which would be practical, evolved out of my own experiences.

It was that opinion expressed so kindly by Mr. Wright which decided the question. Many books devoted to Sweet Pea culture have appeared during the last ten years, and one naturally wonders if there is room for another. Messrs. Clarke think there is, and I hope they will not be disappointed.

I have associated with Sweet Peas in the present volume, Antirrhinums (Snapdragons), because I believe there is a rapidly growing interest in these flowers, and because I know of no work which has been published dealing with them.


Duddingston, Edinburgh,

December, 1914.