As seeds of the fine Spencer or waved Sweet Peas are rather expensive, sowing under glass is very generally followed. It is of course necessary to have a small greenhouse or a frame to carry it out; or to get the use of a neighbour's. Early in February is quite a good time to sow, and the seeds should be placed in boxes as described above. When the plants have grown to five or six inches in height, the tops should be pinched off, and instead of transplanting as recommended with autumn-sown plants, all that requires to be done is to harden off the plants; that is, gradually to accustom them to do without the protection of the glass until they have no protection whatever night or day. This condition should be arrived at early in April, because by mid-April the plants must be planted out in their flowering quarters - a little earlier or a little later according to locality. Such plants will make a fine hedge of Sweet Peas if put out a foot apart. Six or eight of them will be enough for a clump two feet in diameter.