This is a large genus of hardy perennials, many of them suitable for the border and many are very valuable for the rockwork, but of little use to the florist. The one most useful to the florist and deserving special notice is "The Pearl." This little plant will thrive in any soil, is absolutely hardy, and should be in every florist's garden. It flowers in July and August.

It is most useful as a cut flower, and we have found it of great service in design work when short of carnations.

The plants spread rapidly and every third or fourth year they should be lifted, divided, and replanted in more compact rows in the garden. This can be done in early spring and you will not lose the following summer's crop of flowers.

The plant is remarkably free flowering, it being just a mass of the small heads of white blooms, but what makes it of more than ordinary value is the good stem you can cut with the flowers.