Cable Address; Morseed, San Francisco.

San Francisco, Cal., U. S. A.

We are the Largest Growers in the World of

Onion, Lettuce and Sweet Pea Seed

We also grow very extensively and in great variety the following:

Beans, Celery, Endive, Mustard, Peas, Salsify,

Beet, Celeriac, Leek, Onion, Radish, Tomato,

Carrot, Cucumber, Lettuce, Parsley, Spinach, Martynia, and a great variety of miscellaneous Flower Seeds, especially Sweet Peas, Asters, Centaurea, Mignonette, Poppy, Verbena. Our Seeds are grown under our direct supervision and are given all the care and attention that thorough knowledge and long experience permits.

Dreer's Specialties

Decorative Plants palms,Ferns,Dracaenas,Fleus,etc.

Hardy Plants The finest and most complete collection to be found in one establishment. Aquatics Water Lilies of all kinds and plants for the aquarium.

Bulbs Dependable Dutch, Bermuda, French and other stock.

Flower Seeds Extra selected strains of all the wanted kinds.

Wholesale price list issued quarterly. Mailed free to Florists.

Henry A. Dreer, 714 Chestnut St., Philadelphia

Burpee's "Blue List"

Our Wholesale Price List of Seeds in larger quantities. is mailed on application to Market Gardeners.

If You Plant For Profit

You should write at once for this Wholesale List, But we cannot send it to private planters, even if requested to do so.

W. Atlee Burpee & CO.

Seed Growers Philadelphia


Our Specialty

Eighteen years' experience in growing and disseminating

Only The Best for American growers. Our introductions lead in all collections. All European and Australian Novelties always on hand. Send for catalogue.

Nathan Smith & Son, - Adrian, Mich.

Do you grow Vegetable Plants for sale ? Do you sell Vegetable Seeds?

Do you wish to increase your sales ?

......Send for my......

Wholesale Price List

Francis Brill Seedgrower


Long Island, N. Y.

Blooming Plants For Easter and Christmas

We make a specialty of

Cyclamens, Azaleas


Lorraine Begonias.

Florists in all states west of the Missouri River will save money by buying of us. All Texas points reached quickly and at low rates.

Advertisement 270The Park Floral Company,

The Park Floral Company,

J. A. Valentine, Pres.

Denver, Colorado

Two Grand Prizes,

Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904.

Gold Medal,

Paris Exposition, 1900.

Gold Medal,

Pan-American Exposition, 1901.

Advertisement 272

Our Wholesale Seed List for Florists is ready for Mailing January 1. Our Bulb Catalogue in July. Both Mailed Free On Application.

J. M. Thorburn & Co.

33 Barclay St., Through to 38 Park Place

New York

Founded 1802

Incorporated 1894

Over 100 Years in Business in New York City

Peter Reinberg

51 Wabash Avenue,


The Largest Grower of Cut Flowers- 1,400,000 feet of glass.

Headquarters For

Carnation Cuttings, Rose Cuttings,

Rose Plants, Grafted Rose Plants,

Rose Plants From Benches,

Carnation Plants From Field

Advertisement 273

The Best

Bug Killer and

Bloom Saver

For Proof write to

P. R. Palethorpe Go.

Louisville, Ky.

Roots, Plants And Cut Flowers in season

Our collection of Dahlias embraces all the finest of the new Century, Cactus, Show, Decorative, Pompon and Single Dahlias in addition to all the standard sorts.

Each year we place on the market new introductions of our own, also offer all the best European varieties.

We also have a very valuable book, "The Dahlia," a treatise on the habits and cultivation of the Dahlia which is especially interesting and beneficial to all growers of Dahlias. Price, 30 cents.

Orders booked at any time for Fall or Winter delivery.

David Herbert & Son

Catalogues Furnished Free Upon Application.

Atc0, N. J,

Our Block of Festiva Maxima.

Our Block of Festiva Maxima.

Our list of Peonies is the largest in the United States and We Guarantee All Stock true to name.

Send for lists and let us quote prices on any stock you need.

...Headquarters For...

Ornamental Nursery Stock

Sizes for Immediate Effect.

Send for Catalogue.

Peterson Nursery

1301 Stock Exchange Building,



The Cottage Gardens Co., Queens, L. I.

Has the Largest, Finest and Most Complete Collection of

Peonies In The World

Send for Peony Catalogue.

Eighty Acres

We do not send out travellers, but only extra quality


Hyacinths Cottage Tulips Daffodils Early Gladioli Iris Hispanica

Early Tulips Darwin Tulips Narcissi Late Gladioli Peonies

Iris Hispanica, new strain.

S. A. van Konijnenburg & Co.

Wholesale Bulb Growers

Noordwijk, Holland

Catalogue free on application.

^ijimb bjjxo A*jao ?nq 's.iaTTaAu.i^ ;no puas }ou op

Do You Use

Manetti Rose Stocks, for grafting or budding;

Hybrid Roses, tree shape or low budded;

Crimson, Baby or other Ramblers, budded or own roots, imported or home-grown;

Azaleas, Forcing Lilacs, Rhododendrons, Lilies, Lily of the Valley, Dutch, French or other forcing Bulbs; also Palms, Araucarias, Box or Bay Trees, or any other Decorative Plants for greenhouse or garden use, Spring or Fall Delivery?

We Furnish These to The Trade Only in Satisfactory Quality.