August Rolker & Sons

Horticultural Importers

31 Barclay St. p o. box 752 New York

Ribbons and Chiffons Of The Colonial Brand are especially adapted to floral use. Being The Largest Floral Ribbon Manufacturers in America, we are offering what we deem to be the best values on the market. Convince yourself of these facts by writing for our Catalog and you will know why the leading florists in the country are using our goods.

Lion & Company, 114 and 116 Spring St., New York



Chemical Manures

Are The

Best Plant Foods

For Florists and Early Vegetable

Growers and for the Lawn, Garden and Conservatory

Odorless, Concentrated and 98 per cent Soluble in water. The most highly endorsed Plant Foods on the

Continent. We prepay freight and all charges to all parts of the U. S. Sample package mailed free on receipt of 25c.

.Particulars and descriptive booklets free on application to the Sole Manufacturers.

The Arnott Chemical Co.

Fertilizer Experts and Agricultural Chemists

114 Victoria St., Toronto, Canada

Established in Great Britain in 1853.

To Keep Your Plants in Health, Use The

Peerless Sulphur Blower

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Every Grower Should Have One.

Saves Time And Monet.

Distributes equally well Lime, Slug Shot, Tobacco Dust, Paris Green or any powder. Circular with testimonials on request. If your seedsman does not handle it, order direct. Price, $4.00, F. O. B., Chicago.

Edw. E. McMorran & CO.,

16-21 North Clinton St., Chicago.

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Some Few Of The Things We Sell.


-Column Span Supported Greenhouses

Sashbar. and

-Truss Construction. Materials.

-Iron Frame.

-"Burnham" Sectional Boiler. -Pipe and Pipe Fittings,

Headers, Hooks, Chairs, Etc

Benches and Fittings. - Clamp Column Fittings. -Gutters-Iron and Wood.

The new V" shaped gutter with drip gutter. -Ventilating Apparatus.

We Are Pushing

Our Iron Frame Greenhouse because we believe it's the strongest, lighest and most enduring house made - the one that's a long way the cheapest in the end.

Don't forget that phrase. "Not what it costs, but what it keeps on costing-' that's the test. Send for Iron Frame Catalog - Edition 3-1.

Lord & Burnham go.

Greenhouse Designers and Manufacturers.

1133 Broadway, corner 26th St„ new york.

Boston Branch. 819 Tremont Building.

If You Want A Boiler That Will Heat The Water And Circulate It Quickly With A Low Fire, Install A Bern Hard-Easiest

Cleaned And Easiest Fired, And Guarantee With Every Boiler-Write For Prices.

Complete Heating Plants Installed Or Materials Furnished With Working Plans

Complete Heating Plants Installed Or Materials Furnished With Working Plans.

Johnston Heating Co

New York

Your Greenhouse should be properly constructed with the Best Material if you wish to grow the Best grade of stock.

For forty years the

John C. Moninger Co.

has been the foremost in the manufacture of greenhouse material and you should write for our catalogue and prices when in need of anything.

123 Blackhawk St., Chicago

Lambert's Pure Culture

Mushroom Spawn

Produced by new grafting process from selected and prolific specimens, thoroughly acclimatized, has never failed to run.

This spawn is made from cultures taken by the selective method recently discovered by Dr. Duggar, from choice specimens of the best varieties of mushrooms known to be thoroughly acclimatized, and selected with special reference to their vigor, size, flavor and prolificness. The elements of uncertainty surrounding the old chance method of producing spawn are therefore eliminated, and a uniform crop of the best marketable variety, to the exclusion of all other and inferior fungi, is thus assured.

This spawn is admirably adapted to grow in the dark waste space of greenhouses, under the benches, thus giving florists an additional and material source of revenue.

For sale by all leading Seedsmen. Practical instructions on "Mushroom Culture" mailed free on application.

American Spawn Company, St. Paul, Minn.

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Begonia Triomphe de I'Est

A splendid variety, bearing a profusion of flowers, from February till August (M. Lemoine).

Begonia Agathe

A cross from Begonia Socotrana and Moonlight, introduced by Veitch; this variety promises to be even superior to Gloire de Lorraine.


Begonia Gloire de Lorraine, Begonia Turnford Hall, Pandanus Veitchii, Adi-antum Farleyense.

Motto, "Quality Guaranteed"

J. A. Peterson

Westwood, Cincinnati, Ohio

R. D. Herr

Grower of Foliage Plants

Begonia Rex

A Specialty

50 to 100 named varieties always on hand. Refton, Lancaster Co., PA.

Anything a Florist or Grower Needs

Anything a Florist or Grower Needs

...Apply To...

Wm. F. Kasting

holesale Florist

Wholesale Florist

Buffalo, ::: N. Y.

Anchor Greenhouse Hose

Best For Florists

Long Service

Moderate Prices

Samples free on application

Mineralized Rubber Co.

New York

You Can'T Beat

You Can't Beat our kind of greenhouses - either sash bar or iron frame - they are the right thing for the right place at the right price. We sell all sorts of Greenhouse Materials, Ventilating Machinery, etc.