Our kind of Boilers - the corrugated Fire Box and the Improved Sectional - What they have done is our only guarantee for what they will do.

Hitchings and CO.

Greenhouse Designers And Builders.

Manufacturers of Heating and Ventilating Apparatus.

1170 Broadway, New York.

Hammond's PaintGreen house White

Hammond's PaintGreen house White

For 20 years many florists throughout the United States have used this paint. The purest and most durable that can be made. At prices to the craft that will pay to use it.

Every Greenhouse Man Should Try This Paint.

Twemlow's Old English Glazing Putty

Semi-Liquid. Used In Bulb Or Machine.

In Gallon Cans and Larger Packages. It has no equal probably for Greenhouse work

B. Hammond, Paint And Slug Shot Works, Fishkill-on-Hudson. N. Y.

Advertisement 284Advertisement 285Have you Perfect Flower Pot Handle And Hanger

Have you Perfect Flower Pot Handle And Hanger

_ It is just the thing you require to display your plants by hanging them on walls, etc.. especially when you are crowded for room. Also for lifting plants out of Jardinieres; will sustain a weight of one hundred pounds.

No. 1 will fit from 2 to 5-inch pots.......................perdoz., 30c

No. 2 will fit from 5 to 8-inch pots....................... " 40c

No. 3 will fit from 8 to 12-inch pots...................... " 50c

By mall. 10c extra per doz. Sample pair 10c, postpaid.

W.C. Kr1ck, Ii64-66 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y,

Use Krick's Florists' Immortelle Letters Inscriptions, etc.

Highest Awards wherever Exhibited

These Letters and Designs are made of the best Immortelles, wired on wooden frames, having holes drilled in them to insert toothpicks by which they are fastened to the design.

Give them a trial. You will find these letters to be superior to any in the market. __

1 1/2-inch Letters and Figures..............................per 100, $2.5O

2-inch Letters and Figures.............................. 2.50

2 1/2-inch Letters............................................ " 3.00

Add 10c per 100 on 2 and 2 1/2-inch Letters if by mail.

Advertisement 287Advertisement 288foley Materials foley

foley Materials foley

Best Quality and Workmanship For Any Size

Greenhouse Ranges and Conservatories

Plans and Estimates Quickly Furnished. Illustrated Catalogue Sent Postpaid.

Cypress Sashbars

Air-dried, clear, no sap; exact sizes; any lengths.

Pecky Cypress Benches

Economical and lasting.

Hotbed Sash And Frames

Various styles on hand; any size to order.

Foley Ventilating Apparatus

Acknowledged the best. Works perfectly.

Pipe, Fittings, Gutters, Glass, Etc.

Prompt Shipment. Lowest Figures.

Foley Mfg. Co.

471 West 22d St., Chicago.

Advertisement 290

O. V. Zangen

Seedsman to the Grower Only

Importer and Exporter of High Class Flower Seeds, Bulbs and Plants

Hoboken, N. J.

If you expect truly what you order, write to me; I have life experience.

Wm. Swayne

Carnation Specialist

Box 226, Kennett Square, Pa.

If you want a good Greenhouse Hose that will wear,


J. G. & A. Esler

Saddle River, N. J.

You quickly can sell your surplus stock by advertising in the Classified Department of the...

Advertisement 291

10 Cents A Line Of 7 Words.

John Welsh Young

Wholesale Grower of

Pandanus Veitchii

Upsal Station, Penna. R. R. Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.

Christmas Blooming

Sweet Peas

Over 60 varieties, all colors. Try them. Order directly from

Ant. C. Zvolanek, The Originator,

Bound Brook, N. J.

J. A. McDowell

Apartado 167, City Of Mexico

Original Headquarters for

Orchids, Cacti, Bulbs, Resurrection

Plants and Seeds

Grand Premium and Five Gold Medals St. Louis Exposition.

Shipping Trunks

Crane Bros., Westfield, Mass.

Manufacturers Linenoid Seamless Trunks and Boxes for shipping; Cut Flowers. Send for price list.

Linenoid - A molded material made of Pure Linen.

The Elm City Nursery Go.

New Haven, Conn.

Growers of the worth-having kinds of Ornamental Trees, Shrubs,

Vines, Herbaceous Plants, Etc.

Send for our Catalogue.

Ralph M. Ward & CO.

Ralph M. Ward & CO.

Wholesale Bulb Merchants

12 West Broadway, New York

Standard Thermostats


Standard Recording Thermometers

For Greenhouse Use

Mfg'd by Parker Mfg. CO. Boston, Mass.

You quickly can sell your surplus stock by advertising in the Classified Department of the...

Advertisement 293

10 Cents A Line Of 7 Words.

..Trade Books..

How to Make Money Growing



George Saltford

Advertisement 294

HE cultural directions are clear and concise and every detail of successful growing is covered in this neatly printed, freely-illustrated pamphlet of 48 pages.

Price, postpaid, 25 cents.

The History and Culture of

Grafted Roses

For Forcing


Alex. Montgomery, Jr.

Advertisement 295

Ontaining practical description of the process of grafting with full details of planting and culture, also directions for treatment to carry the plants a second year. Fully illustrated.

Price, postpaid, 25 cents.

...The ...



Arthur Herrington

Advertisement 296

most complete and comprehensive work on the cultivation of the chrysanthemum. The book will be welcomed for the practical character of its contents. Handsomely illustrated. 168 pages, 5x7 inches.

Price, postpaid, 50 cents.

Smith's Chrysanthemum Manual


Elmer D. Smith

Advertisement 297

Complete Practical Treatise, concise directions for every stage of the work of propagator and grower. The result of 20 years' experience. Second edition. The latest book on the subject. Fully illustrated.

Price, postpaid, 40 cents.

These and any Other Books on Horticulture or Floriculture Sent on Receipt of Price.

- Address

Florists' Publishing Co.

Caxton Building, 334 Dearborn Street,

Chicago, III.


Advertisement 298

WE beg to announce that we have always on hand large quantities of imported Orchids in all varieties in their season. Also fine assortment of established Orchids in perfect condition. Write for our price list before buying elsewhere. It will interest you.......

Carrillo & Baldwin

Orchid Growers and Importers

Secaucus, New Jersey