They Kill The Bugs

To-Bak-Ine Liquid

A Concentrated Solution Of Pure Nicotine ....

The most powerful insecticide known, for vaporizing or spraying

TO-Bak-Ine Liquid is the article for us: it does the work effectively without injuring the most sensitive blooms and is easily applied. - John Breitmeyer's Sons, Mt. Clemens, Mich.

To-Bak-Ine Liquid Is The Stuff For Thrips, Spider, Or Any Such Stubborn Pests

A. F. J. Baur, Indianapolis.

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To-Bak-Ie Fumigating Paper

Endorsed By The Government Interstate Commerce Commission

Office of the Secretary

Edward A. Moseley, Secretary. Washington, D. C, Sept. 21,1904.

E. H. Hint, Chicago.

Dear Sir: - Please send me a sufficient amount of your product, To-Bak-Ine, to fumigate four times a carnation house 22x100 feet. I want the same as that sent the Department of Agriculture some time ago, which was Fumigating Paper. My friends there speak of it in the very highest terms. I want it at once, please. Very truly yours,

Edward A. Moseley.

A. F. J. Baur says: - "For fumigating carnation houses in full crop. To-Bak-Ine Fumigating Paper is the finest thing we have ever come across; no fading of blooms; no odor left."

TO Bak Ine umigating powder

TO-Bak-Ine umigating powder.

This powder contains a definite amount of nicotine and will be found uniform at all times. Slow burning. Sure death to Aphis.

To-Bak-Ine Fumigating Powder Has Kept Down All Signs Of Aphis In Carnation And Rose Houses, It Leaves No Odor On The Flowers And Has Not In The Slighest Hurt Either Flower Or Foliage On The Roses, As Does Burning Tobacco Stems

William Scott, Buffalo.

We Find TO-Bak-Ine Fumigating Powder very satisfactory. We would like 100 lbs. shipped at once. - Arlin & Arlin, Clyde, Ohio.

To-Bak-Ine Fumigating Powder Killed The Black Fly On The Chrysanthemums

Gko. A. Rackham, Detroit.

Send for our booklet "Words Of Wisdom," by Leading Growers, containing full directions as to exterminating all greenhouse pests.

E. H. Hunt 76-78 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, ILL.

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Have you ever noticed that a batch of tobacco paper "Nico-Fume" liquid

Tobacco Paper

Positively the Strongest on the Market

Packed in Friction-Top Tina preventing loss by evaporation.

24 sheets, 75c; 144 sheets, $3.50; 288 sheets, $6.50 (only 2 1/4c each).

Furnishes the Easiest Method of Fumigation Ever Devised.


Big Cut In Price Of Nicotine Liquid Contains Over 40% Nicotine Unsurpassed In Quality Suitable Both For Fumigating And Spraying

Compare Quality And Price With Other Preparations


1/2 Gallon........... 5.50

Pint................. 1.50

1/4 Pint.............. .50

Our facilities for the manufacture of Tobacco Products are unequaled. Our exhibit of same received the highest award at the St. Louis Fair.

The Kentucky Tobacco Product Co., Louisville, Ky.

The Templin Bucket Spray Pump

The Essentials of a good Bucket Spray Pump are (1) durability; secured by having all working parts made of brass, as copper compounds corrode iron and soon render it worthless. (2) Strength; obtained by a good-sized cylinder, substantial valves, walls and piston, made of indestructible material. (3) Easy working; found only in a pump having a large air-chamber and smoothly finished working parts. (4) Compactness; so as to facilitate the working and moving about, and not so top-heavy as to fall over when set down. The above, and several other valuable features, are claimed for the "Templin" Bucket Spray Pump. It is, indeed,

The Best Spray Pump On The Market


We have been offering this Pump for the last eight years, and have received hundreds of testimonials, all of which bear us out in the strong claim that it is the best Bucket Spray Pump made. We sold, to one man, more than 2 0 of these Spray Pumps. He secured orders for them in two or three counties. He says:

They Gave Perfect Satisfaction

A good Bucket Spray Pump is now recognized as a necessity in every greenhouse, conservatory, garden, orchard or vineyard, for applying the various kinds of Insecticides and Fungicides, being much more convenient and effective than the brass syringes formerly used.

After using one of these Pumps in our greenhouses constantly for several years, we find it to be the best we have ever used. We know of no point wherein it could be improved.

Write Fob Full Par-Ticulars And Prices

We want them in the hands of every Florist and Dealer in the land.

addess The Templin CO., Calla, Ohio

Target Brand Insecticides

"Target Brand" Insecticides

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Stand for the very best quality in their various kinds. Our business is to make

Horticultural. Insecticides and we can say we are without a doubt the largest individual producers in the United States.

"Target Brand"

Scale Destroyer

Is guaranteed to Kill San Jose Scale.

Sold by all Prominent Seedsmen.

Give it a trial, and be convinced.

Write for complete catalogue, mailed free. addressing Dept. F. M.

American Horticultural Distributing Co.

Makers of "Target Brand" Horticultural Insecticides

Martinsburg, W. Va.

C. C. Morse & CO.

C. C. Morse & CO.

Seed Growers

171-173 Clay Street,